demonstrations & events..

To add a really exclusive and original touch to your event, why not add the dramatic and skill based craft of glass blowing for visual performance and demonstration? Find yourself amazed by the properties of this molten, fluid material, which turns solid within seconds. Timing is everything. By stretching, blowing, turning, pulling and twisting the glass, the audience can begin to understand how this amazing material works.

Glass Blowing at night..

Glass Genie is also available for night time demonstrations,
where you can see the molten glass and the furnace glow, and the hot glass
really comes alive against the dark backdrop. The perfect dramatic performance for an evening event. Please call us: 07866 426990

Who can Book it?

The mobile studio is perfectly suited for Educational and Private events. We will demonstrate how to transform hot liquid glass into beautiful objects, practical or sculptural.

Blow a bubble each!

Some events may want the audience to have a hands-on experience, so we can arrange for a group (max 20 persons), to blow a unique bubble each. One at a time, everyone gets to choose a colour, and with the help of an experienced tutor, and some glasses and gloves, you can experience blowing glass yourself. Each piece then has a hook added and can be picked up or posted at a later date.

What can we see being made?

Your wish is our command, within reason! We can show you a variety of wine glasses, bottles, vases, bowls or plates, or even some sculptural pieces.