Who can take part?

Glass blowing can be taught to a wide range of ages, interests and abilities.  All local schools and colleges are welcome to book the Glass blowing studio to visit their premises.  Glass Genie can also deliver tuition to people with special needs, where specific design briefs can be discussed.  Individuals and couples are also welcome, for private tuition.

Education by Demonstration

There is a mystery to glass.  What exactly is it?  How is it made?  How do you get the colour in?  How do you blow it? How hot is it?……and so much more.

All these questions can be answered, not just from theory, but physically, right there!

What will we see?

Gathering, blowing, forming, centring, sculpting and casting will all be demonstrated, along with any requests.  Audience participation is welcome on these sessions, as we look at how molten, hard, elastic and versatile the hot glass really is.

Learning to blow glass

Some students want to focus on how things are made, and learn techniques.  Others have a real idea of what they want to make in a day.  Depending on the type of day you book on, Glass Genie is happy to accomodate your requests, although we may draw the line at a beginner wanting to make a goblet.  Glassmaking skills happen through repetion and practice, but we will endevour to help you make whatever you wish.  Please note;  Accidents can happen with glass, it may fall off the iron and smash at anytime, during the making process.  This adds to the excitement, and we always try and remake the piece.

Specialist projects

Glass Genie is more than happy to work with schools, groups or individuals on specialist projects of their choice.

Projects can be ideas or material based .e.g. you may want to create vessels linked to a theme, or you may want to explore sculptural objects and effects or textures.  A design brief can be discussed and written up prior to the day.


Although glass is studied in the Art/design syllabus at University level, there is no need for schools to keep it there.  Glass encompasses many curriculum subjects, including art, technology, science and history.     You can even combine your subjects over a day.

Education by Practice

Only one person at anytime may sit at the glass blowers bench, therefore, ” hands on” classes are best kept to small numbers, to allow for full attention and assistance.   Groups of 4 persons at a time can work as a team, and can expect to make a unique piece each in a morning/afternoon session.

Blowing a glass ornament.

For groups of up to 20, everyone can have a go with a “Bubble Blowing” day.  Each person will sit on the bench, and with our experienced tuition, will make a bubble, they can treasure forever, from their  first breath into glass!  Choose a colour; dip the molten glass into it, then heat, blow, and turn to produce a unique bubble.  A hook can then be added to hang this special bubble from.

What can you make?

Depending on the type of day you are on, you get to choose what shape, object and colour you want!  Glass blowing is not that easy, however, and its wise to keep an open mind and sometimes “see what happens”.

Here are some samples, of pieces made by students on a glass blowing session.

Hot Glass Courses 2011

Glass Genie is now offering Hot Glass Courses on request.  Using 2 base studios in Somerset, KT Yun can run groups of 8, or groups of 4.  (Disabled facilities are available and Special Needs Organisations are welcome).  Please ask for more details.

Private tuition is on going, some classes coming up in Westbury and London, watch this space for more details.

1:1 tuition is also available on request.  This is the perfect opportunity to practice glassblowing in private to gain confidence and skills.

Glass Genie offers a quality and professional service, with over 10 years of teaching experience.