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Spring 2013: Glassgenie gave a night time glass blowing performance at the Black Swan Gallery in Frome.  The glass blowing spectacular drew a large crowd outside curator, Kim Wood’s first craft show, Shift.

Minimelt and Glassgenie once again proved that glass blowing is a true art form.

A great evening said KT, “great to be blowing glass outside in the dark again!”

Autumn 2012: KT took part in Kevin McCloud’s ‘Made at Home’ Channel 4 series.

Filming in Somerset in a muddy field and using the Minimelt, KT set about trying to find out whether its possible to make glass the old fashioned way, from sand? The end result was some nice clear glass,  albeit a bit bubbly (due to the short melt time.)

Kevin made crown glass, (not shown in the series)  and rolled the rest with a fence post, to make flat uneven very lovely panels of glass.

These then had to be annealed.  Under the careful supervision of Helga Watkins-Baker Kevin then cut the crown glass.

The panels were then all beautifully fitted into a bespoke patchwork wooden window, by Magnus Scholefield.   The end result was fantastic and great fun was had by all!

Although not quite Pilkington standard all agreed, the final product had a certain charm – both clear and original!

Watch clips below from the series.  When Glassgenie and Kevin McCloud proved anything is possible with a minimelt!

Also in Autumn 2012:

Glass Genie was run by Ann Sloan and Josh Foggart, housed in a marquee outside of The Ruskin Centre, during the International Festival of Glass. The Glass Genie studio was provided by KT Yun for students to practice and have fun. Ann co-ordinated groups from several degree courses around the country, as they made a selection of work, using the Glass Genie studio. We were also showcasing our new furnace “The Minimelt”, or as we know her..”Morag”. She behaved beautifully, providing us with molten glass from 10 till 5 pm all 4 days. We lit in the morning and turned off at night. We felt proud to represent the students and graduates, and some rising stars are definately here! Thanks to the IGF for inviting us, and to our mobile neighbours, Merllyn and Ian Hankey who also provided students and the public a great show!

The minimelt ran from 10 am till 5 pm all 4 days, quenching the thirst of hungry glass blowers, just wanting to have a go or have fun/experiment. We had all kinds of weather but mostly glad to be outside, alfresco is the way to blow in the summer.

Glassgenie will be taking time off after The International Festival of Glass, to set up Minimelt Glass and The Glass Hub at our new premises, Stowford Manor Farm, Wiltshire. Here we will be making the small furnaces, as showcased by glass genie, and also teaching glass blowing among a whole other range of glass making.

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Summer 2012

Glassgenie is heading up to the Midlands, as part of the Al Fresco Glass blowing programme at The International Festival of Glass in Aug. We will be using the Minimelt Studio, and showcasing our new design while letting students have a go. Come and find us out side the ruskin centre.

March 2012

blowing glass

Once again, all work came out beautifully, we had a range of pieces from Big Baubles to vases, whiskey tumblers and a fly agaric mushroom! Josh and Ann helped out with the lifting and organising, getting up to speed for working with Glass Genie’s sister company “Minimelt” at The International Glass Festival 2012. Minimelt is a small portable studio, available for the students to work in, and try their hand at glass. The Minimelt Studio will also be on show, for sale. A small studio, kept in the shed/garage, and lit, ready to blow in 2 hours. Watch this space!

The Black Swan Open Arts Exhibition opened ,11th Feb, with the private view on Friday 10th from 6pm till 8pm.

A selection of Fine Art, mostly painting, but a few pieces of sculpture in there, including a piece of my glass. New series, looking at movement and flow of guessed it, bugs, in particular.

Another successful glass blowing weekend, for the public, hosted and organised by Matravers School. This time we made vases, bowls, and a few requests for night-light holders. Everyone chose from a large selection of colours, and all the pieces were a great achievement by all! Few of the participants had tried their hand at bubble blowing (easy in comparison – i’m sure you’ll agree), but most had never tried it. Thank you to Karen Warner, who helped out with colours and instruction, and to Steve and my son Logan, who did all the lifting this time! There is a lot of lifting setting up a glass studio… We hope to be back in the spring.

The November weekend at Matravers school was a real success, thanks to Bev and Heather, for their tireless weekend work. All types of people tried their hand at blowing glass, the colour range was amazing, no two bubbles out of 40 over the weekend were the same! Young children, parents, staff, pupils and the general public all took part, making the event great fun and as diverse as their colour choices. Well done everyone, and especially to Ann for coming down from UCA Farnham to help, assist and teach.

List of Exhibitions & Events: Glass Genie & KT Yun

Main news: ongoing work organising The Glass Hub and Mimimelt Studios ready for students 2012.

The International Festival of Glass- showcasing Glassgenie using the Minimelt furnace. 24th – 27th August 2012

KT Yun “outdoor sculptures” at The Blue House (Frome Festival July 2012).

Matravers School 24th/25th march – Glass Blowing Weekend

Black Swan Open Arts Competion 11th Feb till 31st March 2012.

28th & 29th Jan – Matravers School, Public Glass Blowing sessions. Making, vases, bowls and tumblers.

26th & 27th Nov – Matravers School – Westbury – Christmas Workshops email: call: 01373 822666

Sept 27th – Shute Farm Studio, glassblowing workshop

July 11th – Glass Blowing workshops @ Sonja klingler’s studio Frome, part of Frome Festival.

Outdoor sculpture in glass and metal at: The Blue House, Frome – July 2011 as part of the Frome Festival.

Outdoor sculpture in glass and metal at: Bishops Palace, Wells – July 2011. Download Bishops Palace flyer.

Demonstrations and tuition: Glass blowing at: Glastonbury Festival/ Craft Field – June

Nightime Performance glass blowing with “Walk The Plank”, Lincoln Cathedral, May 28th

Adult learning weekends at Matravers School, Westbury, Glassblowing, May 18/19th

Please contact me on 07866426990 for further information and sales.

Remember to visit the KT Yun gallery page for examples of work.